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Sebastian Junger Discusses Near-Death Experience at TLCPL

Sebastian Junger, author of In My Time Of Dying will speak at Toledo Lucas County Public Library on Thursday, June 20, 7 pm to 8 pm.

Junger will discuss his near-death experience and the immense amount of reflection he underwent following that. Junger will speak about his book for roughly 45 minutes and a Q&A session will follow the presentation. Tickets to the event cost $20 and include a hard copy of the book. 

“​​In My Time of Dying is part medical drama, part searing autobiography, and part rational inquiry into the ultimate unknowable mystery,” Toledo Lucas County Library wrote on the website.

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Junger, who is the author of bestselling books Tribe and The Perfect Storm is a war reporter who “traveled to many front lines and frequently put his life at risk,” but it was actually at his home where Junger experienced his near-fatal health emergency.

In the summer of 2020, Junger was spending a peaceful afternoon in his family’s New England home when he began experiencing severe abdominal pain. He was rushed to the hospital where he experienced his near-death experience.

“As blackness encroached, he was visited by his dead father, inviting Junger to join him. “It’s okay,” his father said. “There’s nothing to be scared of. I’ll take care of you.” That was the last thing Junger remembered until he came to the next day when he was told he had suffered a ruptured aneurysm that he should not have survived,” the website wrote.

The experience sent Junger, “a confirmed atheist” into a swirl of self-reflection and contemplation on the mystery of what happens after we die.

Junger is visiting as part of the Toledo Lucas County Public Library Authors! Program. The program brings best-selling novelists, entertainers and emerging literary talents to speak about their creative process and inspiration behind their work. Find a list of upcoming and past authors on the TLCPL website.

For more information on Authors! With Sebastian Junger, visit toledolibrary.org/event/10590310.

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