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Fall 2021 Wedding Guide

Honeymoon Stories Ellie & Brandon Kaufman Where did the two of you decide to go, and why did you make that choice? We went out west and visited Zion National Park, the Grand Canyon and Lake Powell....

Beyond the Cake

Sweet ways to make your dessert table unforgettable

Spring Wedding Guide 2021

Love Stories from the 419

WEDDING GUIDE WINTER 2021: Sauder Village

If there’s anything 2020 taught us about wedding planning, it’s that you have to embrace the unexpected. Many couples have had to grapple with drastically limiting their guest counts and plans in order to...

WEDDING GUIDE WINTER 2021: Behind the Veil!

Keith & Caitlin Wernert of Elmore at Schedel Arboretum & Gardens. PHOTO CREDIT: Adore Photography Here comes the bride! But how did she get here? What is the story behind her happiest moments, and the photos...

Wedding Dinners Fit For Foodies

Sponsored Content Once upon a time, “wedding food” was a pejorative description. But in 2020, foodie culture has never been bigger, and that growing culinary passion has received its own wedding invitation. At The McIntyre in...