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Toledo According to Stevin Groth

Age: 54 Occupation: Attorney at Law Toledoan since: 1993 Toledo’s a big town with a lot of friendly faces. Ever wonder what a walk in Ottawa Park, or throughout Downtown, is like for other residents? We’re stepping inside the soles and souls of Toledoans to learn how they fill up their Glass City. The local

Style Sense: Robert “E-Bunny” Easter Jr.

Robert “E-Bunny” Easter Jr. Age: 26 Occupation: Professional Boxer and IBF Lightweight World Champion Interview by Monique Ward His love of fashion started when he was a UT freshman, meeting people on campus from other cities and admiring how well they dressed. Trips to H&M and began his fashion journey, which is still where

Style Sense: DJ Franki Jaye

Name: DJ Franki Jaye Age: 40 Owner of Shenanigans Photos and Entertainment When you think of a club DJ’s style, the first thought that may come to mind is probably a guy with a pair of headphones, a t-shirt, jeans and a pair of tennis shoes. Franki Jaye sees that as a common misconception about

Style Sense: Jayvia Badgett

Age 23 Occupation: Managing Cosmetologist & Makeup Artist If you could put one article of clothing into a time capsule to open up 100 years from now to learn about your style… What would it be? My brown suede jacket that has fringe on the back. I love everything with fringe on it! Purses, sandals,

Alex Rodriguez: Style Sense

Age 23 Occupation: Model & Nightclub Promoter Sometimes style isn’t conventional or predictable— it’s completely experimental. That is exactly how male model, Alex (also known by his alias, Alejandro) describes his alternative and hip wardrobe. When he isn’t traveling across the country for impromptu photoshoots or fashion shows, you can find Alex promoting parties at nightclubs,