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A Closer Look—’Close, Closer, Closest’—Interactive Public Art

Several years ago ACGT analyzed the distribution of public art by city council districts, and District 5 did not have any public works, according to Art in Public Spaces Coordinator Nathan Mattimoe. “On a basic level, public art is for everyone in the city,” he said. “We’re interested in expanding not only into neighborhoods surrounding downtown that have problems economically, but also into other neighborhoods in the city that don’t have a lot of public space available.”

The Bearded Lady Project

The field of paleontology has a long track-record of being a boys’ club that, like many professions, did not allow much of a place for women. Most pictures likely to be found in science textbooks are of a bearded “white man with a pick ax,” according to Lexi Jamieson Marsh, director of The Bearded Lady Project: Challenging the Face of Science.

A Bird’s Eye View

Toledo Aerial Media (TAM) has created a second exhibit of drone photography at Secor Metropark’s National Center for Nature Photography. A follow up to last year’s Art at Altitude, the most attended exhibit in the Center’s history, this year’s exhibit is titled Art at Alti2ude.

Sharing a Dream: Children and Youth Music Camp

US Together Toledo has partnered with Trinity Episcopal Church to organize a week-long camp for refugee children and youth, culminating with a program featuring their artwork, song and dance performances, and recitations from Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech.

PRIZM Creative Community: A Legacy of Inclusivity

After 11 years of serving visual and literary artists through workshops, exhibits, and material resources, PRIZM Creative Community will soon conclude operations. Founder Annette Jensen, pushing back against exclusivity in the art scene, provided an outlet for everyone wanting to create.