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Classic Screenings with Families on Film Series

The Toledo Museum of Art and the University of Toledo Department of Theatre and Film partner to bring two more classics to their Families on Film series. Good Morning (1959) is the story of two brothers who have taken a vow of silence after their parents refuse to buy them a t.v. This touching comedy

Pitch and Pour Event Welcomes Local Entrepreneurs

LaunchPad Incubation at the University of Toledo presents the 7th Pitch & Pour event where local entrepreneurs will pitch their business ideas, competing for a $10,000 cash prize. The competition will award a high tech, web-based, or a growth industry business model with potential to develop into successful organizations. A less dramatic version of Shark

Toledo International Film Festival

The Toledo International Film Festival (TIFF) will bring films, cuisine and performances, all with an international flavor, to the Ohio Theatre this month, with a nod to Toledo’s own richly diverse cultural heritage. The festival will feature seven films, kicking off with an English-language German film featuring Craig Robinson—Morris from America (2016)—and ending with Solitaire

Roll to the Polls

Gotcha, the company behind the downtown ToleGO bike share, is offering free bike rides on Tuesday, November 6 to make it easier for voters to “roll to the polls.” The company is doing this to address transportation barriers that often prevent people, especially young people, from voting. Use the promotional code VOTE18 on election day