This Land II at the Hudson Gallery

The newest exhibit at Hudson Gallery in downtown Sylvania, This Land II, on display through November 12, features acrylic and oil paintings and pastel
drawings from a multitude of artists. The pieces share a common theme – the exploration of fields, forests and shorelines. The artists featured in the exhibit are Jan Dyer, Alan Maciag, Justin Kellner, Susan Morosky, Angela Saxon and Merrilee Drakulich.

Jan Dyer is originally from the Mid- west but now lives in New York. Many of her paintings are of the Midwest, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York— particularly New York’s Harriman State Park. She loves to travel and find new places and landscapes to paint.

Alan Maciag’s rural landscapes are a balance between form, distance, color and content. The Michigan native creates a sense of calm reverence for the rural heritage of Michigan, for the wonderland of its vacation lakes or for
the sanctuary within a garden or public space.

Justin Kellner is another Michigan native who features realistic birds in abstract landscapes in his artwork. Birds are often a good indicator of the health of a particular ecosystem. Kellner’s paintings combine abstract textures with realistically rendered birds to create spaces that give the impression of erosion, change and isolation.

Susan Morosky is from the Detroit area and uses the natural world as inspiration for her abstract paintings, which are nature-based, and develop from a vocabulary inspired by the properties of water, fields and their boundaries.

Angela Saxon is from Northern Michigan and uses her own perspective on nature to create unique layered artwork. As a perceptual painter, Saxon translates what she sees into her personal dialect of ‘landscape’.

Merrilee Drakulich, an oil pastel artist from Pennsylvania, is an avid traveler her paintings are reflections on the landscapes and seascapes of Ireland, France, Germany, Japan and Jamaica, as well as the United States.

Hudson Gallery is a founding member of Sylvania’s Red Bird Arts District, and is recognized as one of the region’s premier venues for original art. The gallery is committed to its original philosophy of exhibiting the work of contemporary artists, both regional and national.

Hudson Gallery, 5645 N. Main Street, Sylvania.
10 a.m. – 6 p.m. Tuesday-Friday and 10
a.m. – 3 p.m. on Saturday. 419-885-8381.