The Time With Lennon: May Pang’s Candid Photos on Display in The Long Weekend

The Beatles were an influential musical group. As well, John Lennon’s legacy of art and music has been inspiring and monumental. 

Lennon’s relationships with other artists, both professionally and passionately, is a topic of some interest, Famously Lennon worked and fell in love with avant garde artist Yoko Ono, but another previous partner also has had a lot to say about her time with him. 

Lennon’s Lover

May Pang is a photographer and music producer who had a relationship with Lennon during a period when he was separated from Ono. Pang, a great artist in her own right, illustrates her relationship with Lennon, both in business and romantically, in “The Lost Weekend: The Photography of May Pang”, a photography exhibit.

The show, currently touring around the country, will stop in the Glass City at the River House Arts gallery in July. You can find River House Arts in the heart of downtown Toledo, in the Secor Building on Jefferson Avenue. Run by gallery owner Paula Baldoni, the gallery originally opened in Perrysburg before moving to Toledo in 2016. 

Downtown Art Destination

The reason for the move, according to Baldoni, was that “there are just not enough galleries in the city and we have a lot of talent. We also have a need to see what else is going on in the world (in terms of art), and have access to it.” 

Baldoni has previously worked with Beatles-related art in the gallery: “In the past we had done a pop up (gallery show) that featured works by Ron Campbell, the illustrator of The Beatle’s Yellow Submarine,” she explained. In order to give access to Pang’s art, her exhibit will be free and open to the public. 

That exhibit, “The Lost Weekend,” will showcase candid photos from May and John’s working and personal relationships over the 18 months they were together from 1973 to 1975. The show also happens to come to town after the release of The Lost Weekend: A Love Story, a documentary film about Pang and Lennon released in April.

While collaborating with May Pang, Lennon went on to have some of his biggest solo musical successes. One of the photographs making its debut in the gallery show is a picture of Lennon signing a contract that would dissolve The Beatles as a band.

Those interesting photographs and May Pang herself, will visit River House Arts on July 18th and 19th. The photographs will be available for purchase, allowing gallery visitors to take home a part of legendary musical history. 

Look out for various books May Pang has written about her past, to learn more about this little-known, influential artist.

“The Lost Weekend” is open to the public on Tuesday, July 18 and Wednesday, July 19 from 4-8 pm. River House Arts, 425 Jefferson, Toledo. 419-441-4025.

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