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Franks Wild Years at the Collingwood

The three-hour show, a play in six variety acts, is a homage to the play and album Franks Wild Years by Waits. It features six musicians playing an assortment of instruments: guitar, bass, banjo, brass and reed sections, not to mention a pump organ from the 1880s, and a grand piano.

Jake & the Venom in the Snake Pit

Toledo is important to Jake Pilewski. “Where The River Flows” features our beloved, muddy Maumee River as the flowing focal center for the amalgamation of barbershop and Americana.

Demanding and all around us: Poetry with Jim Ferris

Holding The Ability Center Endowed Chair in Disability Studies, Dr. Ferris is privy to a unique worldview. He’s made a career of advocating for and studying disability: as president of the Society for Disability Studies, starting first-of-their-kind programs at universities, publishing essays and poems.

The Art and Performance Center of West Toledo

It’s no secret that Toledo is an artsy town. The city— quite rightfully— wears it with pride. You’ll find everything from gallery showings to theatrical productions and musical performances. A recent addition to the artistic community, the Art and Performance Center of West Toledo, opened on March 25, 2017. With a career of experience, Miriam