Saturday, April 20, 2024

Giving USA Report Calls for More Local Philanthropy

First released on June 20, Giving USA has acted as the leading influence on charitable giving trends. 

Every year, a report is sent out that highlights information significant to trustees, philanthropists, financial advisors, giving officers, not-for-profit leaders, executive directors and fundraising professionals. 

Annually, the Greater Toledo Community Foundation (GTCF) gives a presentation on the Giving USA Report. This year, the featured presenter was Phil Purcell, who was a representative from the Lilly School of Philanthropy and many other organizations. His presentation featured a study on the American perceptions of philanthropy and nonprofits.

According to the research conducted, some of the findings included:

  • Americans have favorable impressions of charitable giving and nonprofits, but many are unfamiliar with the sector itself, including philanthropy institutions and the policies that govern and affect charitable giving.
  • Americans trust nonprofits more than government or business, but levels of trust in all three sectors are low.
  • There is a notable shift in how different generations think about philanthropy and nonprofits and what they consider to be charitable giving.

The program was offered in partnership with Clark Schaefer Hackett, Aly Sterling Philanthropy, GTCF and The Center for Nonprofit Resources.

Keith Burwell, president of GTCF, said, “We really wanted to draw it back to the local level. Fewer people are giving larger gifts, and we wanted to relate that to what that means for the Toledo community. It’s alarming for nonprofits dealing with this. We need everybody participating in philanthropy.”

Burwell and the GTCF refer to their donors as “fundholders,” because they want people to feel the stake their time and money has on bettering the community.

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