Sunday, June 4, 2023

Style Sense: Kate McComb

Age: “You never ask a lady her age.”

Occupation: Digital Media Specialist at The University of Toledo Foundation/style blogger at

Kate McComb embodies the quintessential style for today’s woman: chic— yet attainable. Her skillful formula includes a multitude of styles, drawing inspiration from classic fashion icons while gracefully embracing today’s trends. 

What’s your foundation for great style? 

Rock what you love! Wear what makes you feel good! For me, style is about the mood I’m in or who I’m trying to be. Sometimes I associate that with a color, texture or a silhouette and that’s where I start to build a look. 

What are your three style must-haves? 

Just three style must-haves? That’s impossible! But if I must, I would say a pair of jeans that make your butt look great, a dress that makes you feel fantastic and comfortable heels that give you height, excellent posture and confidence. 

What’s your favorite statement piece?

I like my suede fringed skirt for my inner hippie [bought at an estate sale], a black beaded dress for the flapper in me [bought at Savers] and my faux leather jacket for my biker side. But I probably get the most compliments when I wear this red wool coat that belts at the waist and flares out… The best thing is that I got it for $16 at Savers. 

What do you feel best in? 

In the summer, I feel best in a breezy summer dress and bare feet. When I have to leave the house, I add wedges and a clutch. As the weather cools I too often wear fitted jeans, a loose, low-cut top and boots or pumps. But when the opportunity allows, I love to get dressed up in a dress or skirt and try out my new finds! 

Which celebrities or icons influence your style? 

I adore Blake Lively’s style. She always appears effortlessly chic, sometimes very old glamour and other times very trendy… I also follow some bloggers with great style that’s easy to wear, like Emily Schuman, Christine Andrew and Sheryl Luke… And of course I love vintage style from old movie stars. 

If you could have one style superpower, what would it be? 

… It would be great to quickly put together an awesome outfit that suits my style and is appropriate for its purpose in minutes. 

You can read more about Kate’s creative style, learn fashion tips, and find inspiration at her blog,

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