Labor Day 2022: AFL-CIO Workers Need to Organize

This Labor Day we look to the future of our movement. Across the country, workers are taking action at their jobs and worksites, and organizing in record numbers. Workers, especially young workers, have lived under unconstrained management and are standing up for themselves. As of July, Starbucks has now had 189 successful union elections. Amazon warehouse workers are unionizing. Strikes and work actions are increasing.

Workers are taking a stand for safety and for their fair share of corporate profits. Our local unions have educated the community of their rights through our organizing committee with our AFL-CIO Central Labor Council, putting ads out, setting up an educational website, and connecting workers with union organizers in every industry. We meet workers where they are and our work to increase union membership for all who want it in Northwest Ohio is far from over.

When times are hard, workers need to organize. When times get better, workers need to organize. For safety or livelihood, there is a reason for every worker to vote to organize their workplace. Labor Day 2022 marks the beginning of a new era of growth for the labor movement.