Toledo Smart Meter Installation Process Op-ed

~ A message from our partners ~

City of Toledo Public Utilities is  committed to providing our customers  with affordable access to a safe and  sustainable drinking water system. We are modernizing our operations and  technology infrastructure by replacing 116,000  water meters across the region over the next  two years and implementing new customer dashboards to improve your experience

→ No more estimated bills
Say goodbye to billing headaches, your bill will be accurately read every month

→ Automated, accurate readings
Data will allow for faster resolution of billing issues and customer questions.

Coming Soon
→ Near real-time usage data
Dashboards will allow customers to  view their usage any time, making water  conservation efforts easier.

→ Leak detection alerts
Subscribe to notifications about your  usage and detect leaks faster NEW SMART METERS AIM  TO MAKE WATER BILLS Work For You.

→ Wait for your neighborhood
Crews are working by zone over the next 2 years to complete the replacements

→ Watch your maill
A scheduling postcard will be mailed to your service address

→ Schedule your mandatory replacement. Call or go online to schedule your  replacement, failure to do so will result in termination of water service.

→ Have the meter replaced
Replacements will take about an hour and an adult will need to be present.

Smart Meters Bring Accurate Water Bills

The city of Toledo’s goal is to provide quality water service. To do that, we began replacing old water meters with new smart meters. We will complete all replacements by the end of next year.

The new smart meters provide accurate billing because they do not have to be read by a person.

They work by sending a signal to the city every four hours. The signal shows how much water is being used. The signal also helps detect leaks sooner.

Plus, smart meters are safe. If something happens to it, it will send a signal to the city.

Project process

The replacements are being done in stages. One month before a replacement happens, a letter is mailed. The letter explains the replacement process.

Next, a postcard will be mailed with a code. Customers will need the code to schedule their replacement. They can schedule online or by calling. The replacement will be scheduled for a two-hour window. It should only take 30 minutes.

Scheduling is important

If a replacement is not scheduled after the first postcard is mailed, two more postcards will be mailed. If a replacement is still not scheduled, the call center will call to schedule an appointment. The water may be shut off if no replacement is scheduled.

Before the replacement, the water lines will be inspected. Then, the water will be turned off for about 30 minutes. After the new meter is connected, it will be tested to see if it is working.

We want to thank you for your cooperation in the process. By working together, we can provide better service.

Ed Moore

Public Utilities Director, City of Toledo