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On the Radar Sept. 2023

Giving USA Report

The Giving USA Report has acted as the leading influence on charitable giving trends. Every year, a report is sent out that highlights information significant to trustees, philanthropists, financial advisors, giving officers, not-for-profit leaders, executive directors and fundraising professionals. This year, the Greater Toledo Community Foundation featured presenter Phil Purcell, a representative of the Lilly School of Philanthropy among other organizations. 

Giving USA
Photo provided via Giving USA.

The report found: “Americans have favorable impressions of charitable giving and nonprofits, but many are unfamiliar with the sector itself, including philanthropy institutions and the policies that govern and affect charitable giving. Americans trust nonprofits more than government or business, but levels of trust in all three sectors are low. There is a notable shift in how different generations think about philanthropy and nonprofits and what they consider to be charitable giving.”

Keith Burwell, president of GTCF, said, “We really wanted to draw it back to the local level. Fewer people are giving larger gifts, and we wanted to relate that to what that means for the Toledo community. It’s alarming for nonprofits dealing with this. We need everybody participating in philanthropy.”

Women of Toledo Business Roundtable

Women Leadership
Photo provided via Women of Toledo.

The Business Roundtable of Toledo (also known as the Momentum Circle) is hosting an online meeting on September 7 from 5 pm to 7:30 pm focusing on women looking to explore opportunities related to the expansion of their businesses and how to create connections. The roundtable plans to encourage and continue to support women in their entrepreneurial careers while educating on how to overcome obstacles in their way. For the Zoom link or more information, visit

Ohio Immigrants Account for 20% of the Workforce

Ohio Business for Immigration Solutions
Photo provided via Ohio Business for Immigration Solutions.

According to the Ohio Business for Immigration Solutions (OBIS), new research shows that immigrants account for over 20% of the Ohio workforce. The American Immigration Council working towards educating others on immigrants in Ohio makes a difference in some of the most demanding fields. As of 2019, immigrant residents in Toledo comprise 3.3% of the population. According to the Dispatch, because our population is rapidly aging and global competitors keep stealing foreign-born graduates, Ohio and Toledo’s immigrant population in the workforce and participation within the OBIS is more than necessary. For more information, visit

Welcome New TPD Chief

Police Chief
Photo provided via LinkedIn.

Last spring, Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz announced a new Toledo Police chief, Michael C. Troendle following the retirement of George Kral. Since 1993, Troendle has been involved within the Toledo Police Department. Some of his experience include Deputy Chief of the Operations Division, Assistant Chief of the Operations / Support and Administrative Division, and Captain of the Special Operations Bureau Commander. According to the City of Toledo, they are, “confident that Troendle will lead the Toledo Police Department with integrity, professionalism, and a commitment to serving and protecting the community.”

TARTA Takes steps to serving Oregon

Photo provided via TARTA.

TARTA has created a plan to redesign and expand the Toledo area routes and its services. Beginning Jan. 7 2024, TARTA will expand their services with a fixed route with paratransit and on-demand service to the City of Oregon. TARTA’s board of trustees approved the expansion with plans to provide services every 30 minutes and the transit authority will include stops along Navarre Avenue.

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