MIND BIZ: Gravity Metaphysical Shop

Located at 3109 W. Sylvania Avenue, Gravity Metaphysical Shop is owned and operated by 2011 Central Catholic graduate, Calee Zeman. Gravity is Toledo’s only Black-owned spiritual supply store with an emphasis on genuine vibes, quality products, and real healing using ancient methodologies. Established in 2020, the mission is to bring a safe healing space to the Toledo area.

Zeman is an experienced Rootworker, Intuitive Reader, Herbalist and Spiritual Advisor. Going through her personal healing journey, Zeman decided to establish the store as a safe space for spiritual people to learn, grow, and find a sense of community. We sat down with her to learn more.

What about Toledo made you open a space like this?

Toledo is my home, where I’m raising my kids, and where I’ve experienced my own spiritual awakening. When I went through other spiritual-centric stores, I didn’t find one that felt safe to me. If I couldn’t find one where I felt safe, the best option was creating one. I participated in pop-up shops in Toledo where I sold out at each one, inspiring me to look for a shop, finding one two weeks later and opening within six. I also opened Gravity because there wasn’t really an affordable option in Toledo for this work. I think it’s so important for people of any class to have access to tools for healing themselves.

What got you interested in this work?

In sixth grade, a topic was brought up by one of my religion teachers that caused me to go down a “rabbit hole” of discovering everything about every religion. I believe there’s a little bit of truth in each religion; everyone is entitled to choose what works for them. I went through my ups and downs over time, which became the catalyst for wanting to help others. You find so much power and happiness when you take the time to heal yourself.

What challenges did you face opening a shop in 2020, all things considered?

The main issue was finding help. I did everything I could to comply with CDC guidelines while also having early hours for the elderly and immune-compromised customers. Being a mom to young children and starting/running a business brings its own challenges too. I’m just now finding employees that are well-suited for this environment. I have two wonderful women as employees; I wouldn’t know where the shop would be without them.

Inside Gravity Metaphysical Shop. Image courtesy of https://www.gravitymetaphysicalshop.com/

How do you approach people who have little knowledge of what the shop does?

I’m always welcoming, giving them time to look around, and listening to whatever emotional problems they need to talk about. People underestimate how many of those types of clients I actually see. It’s different for each person, but being open and having a listening ear has been the best thing to help.

What are the biggest takeaways since opening and where do you see the shop in five years?

I’m shocked at how many people are open to a spiritual life, but also how many people are hurting in the same way. Definitely don’t judge a book by its cover. It’s great seeing people address their pain and want to heal. Looking ahead, I hope to continue offering classes on crystals, herbs, and other healing practices on a grander scale while gaining people to help instruct classes. I’d like to expand Gravity in general, possibly in a different storefront that can house more classes and services. In general, I want to keep educating the world about how this isn’t such a taboo subject. 

For more information on Gravity’s products and services, visit https://www.gravitymetaphysicalshop.com/