Toledo According to Dj One Tyme

How (Best Of Toledo Winner)
DJ One Tyme fills up his Glass (City)

Name: DJ One Tyme
Age: Celebrated
Occupation: Event/Radio DJ
Toledoan since: Birth

Toledo’s a big town with a lot of friendly faces. Ever wonder what a walk in Ottawa Park, or throughout Downtown, is like for other residents? We’re stepping inside the soles and souls of Toledoans to learn how they fill up their Glass City.

The local artists and musicians I love are rapper & radio personality B. Wills, female saxophonist Katrina Barnhill, and singer Marcia Jones! I’ve worked closely with all three at events and love their energy and talent!

When I am feeling a bit too much of Saturday night on a Sunday, I can always rely on Scrambler Marie’s to make my day better.

I go to The Docks for the best view in Toledo.

When out of towners visit us, I always take them to Toledo Funny Bone/ Fat Fish Blue.

If money wasn’t an object, I would start an entertainment management company.

DJ Lyte-N-Rod is the Toledoan I most admire.

The last store I went to is the Apple Store.


Reset is my secret spot.

The hardest thing about living in Toledo is the small airport, but the best thing is unlimited food choices!

I always brag about Toledo’s traffic compared to larger cities.

When I want to unwind I go to Sidecut Park.

To find inspiration, I listen everyday to The Juice FM 107.3 to remind me of why I got into this music business!

The first three words that come to mind about Toledo are home, family, and friends.

My favorite night out in Toledo was above Mano’s Greek Restaurant when I was their first DJ!

If I need to buy a present for a special occasion, I know Franklin Park Mall will hook me up with a great gift.

The street I drive on most often is Bancroft.

I know Gino’s Pizza will satisfy my munchies.

Going to Barefoot at the Beach makes me feel like I am out of town.

The 14th Annual March Madness Triple Threat Birthday Bash (three DJs, one birthday party at Mulvaney’s Bunker) is my favorite annual event.

My favorite neighborhood is West Toledo.

I wish Southwyck Mall was still open.

Toledo’s motto should be Better Yourself!

Toledo’s theme song should be Ray Stone’s “I’m So Fly.”