Monday, July 22, 2024

Monarch Grief Center Seeking Participants for New Support Groups

Monarch Grief Center is introducing two new grief support groups to its services and is looking for individuals who have experienced loss to participate.

These specialized support groups include Adult Loss of a Sibling/Parent and Loss to Suicide. 

“Our support groups provide a safe, trusted place to experience, process, and cope alongside others who are also grieving a similar loss,” according to the Monarch Grief Center website.

Monarch Grief Center’s support groups are led by professionals who are there to give insight and support to individuals experiencing grief. The sessions are specialized for the different kinds of loss individuals have experienced. The center offers a variety of support groups including Mid-Life Spousal/Partner Loss, Loss to Addiction/Overdose, Later Life Spouse/Partner Loss and more. 

“We are committed to offering more than general support groups because grief varies significantly depending on the age of the person who experienced the loss, the nature of the relationship to the person who died, and/or the cause of their death. While grief can be isolating, our hope is that you find a sense of belonging and togetherness in these specialized group,” the website writes.

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The center is also working to offer three other support groups in the near future, including Loss of a Young Child, Loss of an Adult Child and a Perinatal Loss Group.

Most insurance providers cover participating in support groups. Monarch Grief Center’s list of accepted providers can be found on the website. Grief support sessions start at $30. The center also offers sliding scale fees due to the assistance of the Community Builder Grant and other sponsors. 

“It is a fundamental pillar of our nonprofit that finances will never be the reason someone does not seek the grief support they want and need,” the center wrote in a statement.

Monarch Grief Center is a non-profit organization that specializes in grief. They offer consultation services and individual counseling services to individuals, families and groups experiencing loss. The center also offers a variety of programming groups, including Music and Grief, Art and Grief, Journaling and Grief and many other activity groups. For a full list of all the services the center provides, visit the Monarch Grief Center website.

If interested in participating in a new or existing support group, call Monarch Grief Center at 567-331-8601 or email [email protected] for more information. 

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