Sibling city rivalry

The partnership was formed with the city from which our town got its name, Toledo, Spain. Here’s a friendly rundown of sibling city rivalry!

The blotter

 On Friday, March 28, a female victim called to report that an unknown suspect had stolen the wheels and tires off of her vehicle at Poinsetta Ave. off N. Detroit. After being at work, the victim returned home to find her car on patio blocks.  Police are investigating an incident on Tuesday, April 2 in

March 25 2011

"To the left, to the right, make noise…" The year was 2000 and a baby-faced blondie was crooning to the chicks with hits like "Candy Girl" and "Aaron's Party (Come Get It)." Relive the memories with Aaron Carter at the Rocket Bar on April 30, 2013. That's right, Toledo, Aaron Carter is actually still touring.

March 20 2013

Kate Middleton's royal bun Kate Middleton might be carrying the heir to the Enlgish royal throne, but she rides the subway (the Tube – as they say across the pond) just like everybody else. That's why we like her. She even bought a "baby on board" badge so she always has a seat on the

Micheal Seay

What’s in a scent? According to Michael Seay, money, memories, and a golden
marketing opportunity

March 8 2013

Cookie Monster? A South Carolina man has been charged with stealing 450 cases of Girl Scout cookies from a Spartanburg warehouse. Christopher Maurice Morton is being charged with breach of trust more than $10,000 after Greenville County deputies found 352 cases of Thin Mints and Shortbreads along with Morton behind an abandoned business. I must

March 5 2013

Mazel Tov! Playboy will be making Bar Mitzvah dreams come true with the launch of its Hebrew Language Edition featuring local Israeli models. The news prompted this interesting conversation inside the TCP newsroom: Writer: Playboy is launching a Hebrew edition Jewish Girl: So they will all be circumcised? Oh wait… Read more about the upcoming

February 27 2013

Women love a man in uniform Christopher Sharp, a 27 year old resident of Florida, was arrested this week on charges of impersonating an officer. He allegedly was masquerading around as a sheriff’s deputy for over 6 months in a sad, sad attempt to impress to live-in (now ex) girlfriend. In reality, he was working

February 27 2012

Hit Me Robby One More Time Another Ohioan has made it to Perez Hilton's Celeb gossip blog, but this time it's not Katie Holmes or Crystal Bowersox. No, it's not the next big pop star you just haven't heard of yet. It's Rob Kronenberger, a landlord who spanked his unpaying a tenant–a grown man unpaying

February 25 2013

The Academy Awards were amazing, but the best part were all of the awkward moments that the celebs had! Here's a breakdown of the five most cringe-worthy moments of the night. 1. Seth MacFarlane's entire monologue. He's really bashing Chris Brown and Rhianna at the Academy Awards? This isn't the MTV awards. Keep it classy,