JANUARY 18 2013

72 and Lookin' Good In Ladies Clothes This guy doesn't have time to do tai chi with all of the other retired old men in China. He's too busy being fabulous. Liu Qianping started his modeling career when his grandaughter couldn't find a model for her clothing line. He was slim enough to fit, and

JANUARY 17 2013

End of the hunt? Well, the clan of pitchfork wavers that have been after Lance Armstrong for years may finally get what they've been chasing — an admission, after years of denial. And to who? Of course, Oprah. But we pose the question: After all the time, money and resources spent, was the witch-hunt worth

January 16 2013

    Teacher Graduates from Porn Only to be Denied by Schools   A poor teacher in Oxnard, California who made some questionable—but legal decisions in her past, lost her appeal to return to the classroom. Stacie Halas spent less than a year in the adult film industry when she claims she was in financial

January 14 2013

  Best Surprise Appearance Goes to Bill Clinton Clinton surprised everyone when he took the stage at last night's Golden Globe awards to introduce "Lincoln." Steven Spielberg, the director of the film, as instrumental in convincing Clinton to introduce the film. READ MORE   Do You Want a Book With That? McDonald's in the U.K.

January 11 2013

  Chris Nixon serves up beer dirt at new restaurant Element 112 Some Toledo foodie obsessives may have heard of Noma, the Copenhagen restaurant known as the best in the world at the moment, but few will probably ever get a chance to experience it. Toledo chef Chris Nixon, the culinary whiz behind new fine

January 10 2013

  Oscar announcements    Who would have thought Lincoln would lead the pack in this year's Oscar nominations: oh yeah, everyone. But as Seth MacFarlane and Emma Stone announced the race this morning, there were some surprises, like the super-hyped rom com Silver Linings Playbook — starring Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence — grabbing eight

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André Savage dreams big. “I’m Berry Gordy. I’ve been waiting for my Michael Jackson to show up. I think I found her.”

The War of 1812

Halfway through it’s bicentennial there seems to be a lack of public interest and hardly any hullabaloo both nationally and here in Northwest Ohio. This is egregious!

Free parking

You work with what you have. Everyone wants to turn the city they live in into the city it could be, but where are you going to begin?