FitZone TV

André Savage dreams big. “I’m Berry Gordy. I’ve been waiting for my Michael Jackson to show up. I think I found her.”

The War of 1812

Halfway through it’s bicentennial there seems to be a lack of public interest and hardly any hullabaloo both nationally and here in Northwest Ohio. This is egregious!

Free parking

You work with what you have. Everyone wants to turn the city they live in into the city it could be, but where are you going to begin?

10 questions with Cady

Some city council members have cried foul over Mayor Bell’s hiring of Steve Cady — the Ph.D.-ed organizational behavior wiz brought in to help the City’s revitalization efforts.

Loud and Proud

Lexi Staples, as serious as she is funny, peppers conversations covering topics from pub stories to social justice with the word “dude.” The owner of the lesbian pub club OutSkirts with the surfer accent is also at the helm of Toledo Pride.

Fair game

Annie Haley and Bonnie Duritsky have been in a committed, loving relationship for 18 years.