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Slow Roll… Ohio’s Medical Marijuana Control Program

Our article “Medical Marijuana, Now Legal in Ohio” (September 7, 2016) discussed how Ohio’s Medical Marijuana Control Program, effective September 8, began the slow process of introducing medical marijuana to our state. Our readers had some questions. They legalize it but how do you even get it? “There’s no distribution plan set up. No card

Dark and Deep at the Black Swamp Mud Run

Run for your life into the dark and through the mud pits at the third annual Black Swamp Night of the Dead Run on Oct 1st hosted by Adrenaline Rush Sports LLC. This permanently installed well crafted 5k Black Swamp Mud Run Course at the Oak Harbor Fair Grounds uses the finest local black swamp

Why #youwilldobetterintoledo

#youwilldobetterintoledo has been the buzzing message on social media for the past two years, but the sentiment’s story started 101 years ago and will enter a new chapter tonight. Mayor D. Michael Collins has announced that the City of Toledo will begin the installation of a series of 55 signs with the 101-year-old slogan, “You