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Jlin, a musical experience

Jlin began producing music in 2008; her debut track “Erotic Heat” pushed her to the front of the up-and-comers line, and her 2015 full-length, Dark Energy, was also well-received.

Such a Night

Toledo-area musicians come together for “The Last Waltz” On November 22, local musicians will recreate one of the most impactful shows in American music history. “The Last Waltz,” a tribute to The Band’s 1976 concert by the same name, will be hosted by The Village Idiot, 309 Conant St., Maumee. The Klondike Steamboat Band will

All about the artists

Infinite Art leaves a lasting impression In 1994, Facebook was still a decade away. Cell phones and the internet were novel ideas. And the opportunities for a young tattoo artist looking to get his entrepreneurial start were dismally slim. But that’s the year Brian “Monk” Taylor, along with co-founder Joseph Kondalski, opened Infinite Art Tattoo