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Mamma Mia at River Raisin Centre

The wildly popular musical based around the hits of ABBA, Mamma Mia! visits the River Raisin Centre for the Arts for a three-show run beginning November 8. Set on a beautiful island in Greece, the show tells the story of… oh, come on, it’s Mamma Mia!, you know the story by now! 7:30pm, November 8

The View from Desk 88

In his new book Desk 88, Senator Sherrod Brown reflects on the history behind the mahogany desk he sits behind on the Senate floor, and the history of individuals who occupied the seat before him, focusing on eight individuals who sat at Desk 88. Hear from Senator Brown during his upcoming visit, as part of

Zoomba at the Toledo Zoo

Move your body to the beat of up-tempo Latin music at the latest installment of the Zoomba at the Zoo series! Zumba instructors from around the area will lead the class at the Malawi Event Center, and all attendees are welcome to stay and visit the zoo itself afterward. Open to all ages 10 and

Revealing untold stories

Playwright Lauren Gunderson spotlights women whose roles in shaping history have been minimized or dismissed, and she does it again in the comedic fantasy, The Revolutionists. Set in the late 18th century during France’s “Reign of Terror,” the show focuses on four women— a playwright, a spy, an assassin and a queen— who all bring

Black Swamp Players presents “Psych”

Just your average comedy about murder, slapstick and insanity, Wisconsin playwright Lisa Rowe’s farcical play, Psych, tells the story of a renowned psychiatrist who has been framed for murder, and whose life begins to unravel as he tries to seek help from a fellow shrink. Full of dark humor and cracking dialogue, Rowe’s show is

Turning the Pages as Exhibit Nears End

Philip Sugden’s evocative and imaginative work Pages from the Manual on Dismantling God will finish its exhibition at the Walter E. Terhune Gallery in Perrysburg on November 22. This unique piece sees 21 individual “pages” hung in a circle from a length of PVC pipe, inviting viewers to literally enter the work and engage with