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Astrology November 2023

Dear Readers, as we prepare for winter… .. the earth grows quiet, making its bed for nature, white and silent, we begin our hibernation.  Planets shift, the energy if different, calmer.

SUN IN SCORPIO -The Sun will remain in Scorpio until Nov 22 – As the Sun continues to transit the sign of Scorpio conjunct transiting Saturn, you may feel a bit more restricted as you scurry to keep yourself together and in sync. As it moves into the more independent, fun- Jupiter ruled-sign of Sagittarius, on Thursday, Thanksgiving Day, November 23, there is a sense of ease that occurs. Those born under Scorpio, Sagittarius, Pisces, Taurus, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn will feel this amazing, positive influence. Just in time for the holidays! 

NEW MOON IN SCORPIO NOVEMBER 13 –  Breaking down Barriers – Setting new intentions. Matters become more clearer as well as intense under the illumination of the New Moon – emotions open up, we are deeply energized when dealing with ourselves as well as others. New Moon in Scorpio brings with it the energies of full commitment coming from the heart, and their exact opposite: breaking up and braking hearts. This New Moon supports dedication and commitment to whatever you would like. These energies support what you really want, and not what you tell yourself that you want. –

FULL MOON IN CHATTY GEMINI NOVEMBER 27 – Creates an intense vortex of mental “emotion” as you seek to bend and stretch your intelligence so as to hold two (or more) approaches to the issue you confront. Are you experiencing breakthroughs in perception that at times are unnerving and other times inspiring? This is a Mercurial Full Moon once again inviting mental flexibility — the psychic space to change your mind. This particular Full Moon can be flexible providing you with that extra emotional and mental edge.

SATURN MOVES DIRECT IN ETHEREAL PISCES – NOVEMBER 4– Now that Saturn is direct, we are able to take stock in what we have learned, and use that information to move ahead productively. In retrograde, it forced us to rid ourselves of karmic baggage. Allowing us to restore and regain our perspectives. Saturn, the teacher of the Zodiac, is all about insightful lessons. Its impact on ourselves, as well as our economical structure played a key role in our everyday lives. Now direct, full speed ahead.

MERCURY, THE PLANET OF CHAT, SHIFTS INTO THE OPTIMISTIC SIGN OF SAGITTARIUS – NOVEMBER 11 –  With Mercury moving into the sign of the archer, we are inspired to be more positive, more carefree, as well as daring to think outside of the bubble that we ourselves have created. Leaving the more intense sign of Scorpio, we may mentally feel a sense of optimism.

JUPITER, THE EXPANSIVE PLANET, CONTINUES IN RETROGRADE – Conjunct high voltage Uranus, as it opposes transiting Mars in opposition, it may continues to be challenging to say the least. Financially as well as personally.  Though, now with Saturn, moving direct, it may lessen the intensity, allowing us to catch our breath, seemingly in an effortless manner,  and not feel so caught up with the energies at hand.


The Scorpio – Symbol Water –With the Sun and Mercury occurring in your own sign, you may begin to feel restored. This month proves to be a powerful period for you, making better choices?  Focusing on the present, staying in the now?  A perfect time to study, start something new, take on a project that has been calling to you. It’s your month to explore!  


ARIES – (March 20 – April 19)

The Ram – Symbol Fire – As with most Aries, this month you may have a stronger preoccupation with finances. More so, as your sense of security may feel a bit out of sorts. Reexamining your options, getting yourself back on track is encouraged. Getting your personal as well as physical credits and balances in order can help to ease the anxiety.

TAURUS – (April 21 – May 21)

The Bull – Earth Symbol – As with most Taurus’s, you are very much a creature of habit. Your greatest fear is to lose, or change your routine. Personal possession’s, friendships and partnerships are your life lines.  Strength is yours for the asking, as the transiting Sun and Mercury transiting your area of partners, keeps you way ahead of the game plan. In addition, the financial sector of your chart looks promising. Staying on top of it is key.

GEMINI (May 21 – June 20)

The Twins – Symbol Air – As the transiting Sun and Mercury hit your 6th house of health you may find yourself to be more disciplined than ever.  In addition, as casual as you may appear to be, you could be tapping into a higher sense of awareness. Stepping out of your comfort zone may be good for the soul. Clarity is everything!

CANCER – (June 21 – July 20)

The Crab – Symbol Water – Clearly as with most Cancer’s it’s always about home and family. However at this time you may find yourself stepping out of your comfort zone, even taking more risks. Totally out of your realm of thought. By getting more creative,doing some traveling, writing or seeking out new ways to help yourself can help you to stay motivated. In addition, your intuition is off the charts as your instincts are ignited.

LEO – (July 22 – Aug 22)

The Lion – Symbol Fire – . As with anything else, more is always good, but sometimes you need to settle for less. Time to get yourself in sync with future plans. Pay close attention to what’s in front of you as well as opposed to what is behind you. As always love is in the air and holds promise. Though, presently, the home front seems to be the main focus for the next few weeks or so.

VIRGO – (Aug 23 – Sept 22)

The Virgin – Symbol Earth – Sweet, sensitive, analytical Virgo, this may be your month to get most of what you need and want. Self preservation, as well as challenges are met in the work place as well as on the home front. Realize that much can be said about being steadfast and safe. Know your options, work on your strategy.

LIBRA – (Sept 23 – Oct 22)

The Scales – Symbol Air – This can be a very intense week as the Sun and Mercury continue through your money house.  Pay close attention to the small details while maintaining a sense of balance.  This is not the time to spend frivolously.  If anything, step back, put minor expenditures on hold, for at least a few weeks.

SCORPIO – (Oct 23 – Nov 21)

The Scorpio – Symbol Water –With the Sun and Mercury occurring in your own sign, you may begin to feel restored. This month proves to be a powerful period for you, making better choices. Focusing on the present, staying in the now. And, perhaps, this may also be a perfect time to study something new, and/or take on a project that has been calling to you. This is your month to celebrate. 

SAGITTARIUS – (Nov 22 – Dec 20)

The Archer – I Symbol – Fire – Time to catch your breath, while immersing yourself into a new phase of life’s lessons.  As the Sun, along with the New Moon travel thru that sacred part of your inner psyche, you may feel more alert, as well as intuitive.  This can and will be an opportune period for you, as not only will you begin to focus on your health, but you will allow yourself to be transformed. . A great cycle for creating and manifesting! In addition. Sometimes in order to move ahead, we need to let go of the past. 

CAPRICORN – (Dec 21 – Jan 19)

The Goat – Symbol – Earth- Friendships may be a bit touchy this week as Mercury and the transiting Sun influence your area of connections.  Be extra aware of the signals you are giving out. As always love matters as well as friendships are like a revolving door. It’s up to you to set the pace.  In addition, taking time for health and fitness should be on your list of what to do.

AQUARIUS – (Jan 20 – Feb 18)

Water Bearer – Symbol – Air – With the transiting Sun hovering over the zenith part of your chart, your career and recognition is yours for the asking. It is all about exploring your options.  Taking everything in stride and letting the transits work on your favor. Also, matters relating to home can be chaotic, but not without favorable results.  Patience pays off in the end. 

PISCES – (Feb 19 – March 19)

Fish traveling in Opposite directions – Symbol – Water –  Your instincts are at their peak this month This may be your month to try your hand at writing, or doing some unexpected traveling. Or perhaps, merely getting inspired to create, Also, a few health cautions as you focus on health for the next few weeks or so. Pay attention.

Astrological Tips: Great month for entertaining. Also, a good cycle for creating closure with those need it most. Money can be prosperous is handled well.

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