Fuller Art House Reopens After Remodel

For two months, Dani Fuller closed the doors to local artists’ space Fuller Art House and went to work, developing more space for additional art classes and to showcase the work of area artists. Like a true artist with a vision, Fuller rolled up her sleeves and did all the work herself. 

“I learned how to hold a saw!” she proclaimed proudly with a laugh. The primary focus was to build out the backspace of the building for classes with plans for human models. The two month remodel effort was trying, but successful and Fuller has now reopened The Fuller Art House.

Spotlighting Talent

A group art classroom at The Fuller Art House.
A group art classroom at The Fuller Art House. Photos provided by Dani Fuller.

The Fuller Art House encourages artists to “live fuller,” fostering that sentiment in Sylvania through artist exhibits and classes. Over the course of a year, up to 40 local and regional artists showcase their work for the Toledo area. Fuller Art House regularly exhibits five to seven different artists at a time, each for several weeks.

Classes to Craft Your Craft

The newly renovated Huller Art House.
The newly renovated Huller Art House. Photos provided by Dani Fuller.

For those who are not professional artists but still crave the canvas, Fuller Art House offers classes for people of all skill levels and interests. Classes are typically taught by one of three to four artists who teach classes such as still life, perspective, watercolors, charcoal as well as other focuses. For those with no previous artist experience, introductory classes are offered for anyone looking to start a new passion. Group classes are offered for adults.

One on one classes are offered as well, allowing more personal attention from artists for students looking to hone their skills and develop new techniques. These one on one classes are available for adults and students of all ages.

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Whether you want to view great art, or create it, Fuller Art House is the place to visit, in its freshly renovated home on Main street in downtown Sylvania.

Interested in exhibiting your work in the gallery or to inquire about classes, contact 419 882-8949 or email [email protected].

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