ART TO HEART: Vivid Imagination

Dyno Demi’s ‘out-there’ art can be applied to almost anything

Though far removed in time from the psychedelic 60s, art reminiscent of that time is still appreciated and being generated by a new class of artists.  Landscapes that might be found on the side of a groovy van or microbus are being created by a northwest Ohio psychedelic artist, applying vivid tones to old records and canvases.

Dyno Demi (the pseudonym of local artist Demi Heitzman) combines psychedelic landscapes and entrancing colors with spray paint. “It gives me the ability to work with bright fluorescent colors to create vibrant paintings,” Demi explained, adding, “Metallic and sparkle spray paint also adds an eye-catching glow effect when viewed in person.”

Otherworldly Observation
Demi has been an artist since she was a child. Surfing the web, she came across an artist that sparked her creativity. “When I was twelve years old I saw a YouTube video of someone in Vegas creating a space scene with cans of spray paint. The video intrigued me.” By applying magazine pages to the painted canvas, Demi’s art looks otherworldly. 

Working with spray paint for more than a decade, Demi said, “You have to work a bit faster since the paint dries so quickly. This pushed me as an artist to not second guess myself, turning mistakes into ‘happy accidents,’ as Bob Ross would say.” Demi took the challenges of working with spray paint and adapted them, allowing her “to develop my own techniques to manipulate the paint, adding different textures and details to each piece”.

Custom Creations
The results of Demi’s techniques can be viewed at where orders can be placed for customized paint work on, basically, anything a customer requests, including “instruments, skis, paddles, furniture, clocks and much more.”  She frequently paints vinyl records. “When I was fourteen my mom and I went to a garage sale and they were selling old records,” which she began then and continues to use as a platform for her artwork. For a trip back to bell bottoms and flower power, visit