Fundraising campaign wants new holiday decorations for Downtown BG

The Downtown Foundation of Bowling Green has launched a 2-3 year fundraising program to update their holiday decorations. 

The committee recognized that it has been nearly 20 years since new decorations have been purchased, and their goal is to make the Downtown Bowling Green area more fresh and inviting during the holiday season.

The plan includes the purchase of wreaths to wrap already existing lamp posts, as well as holiday banners to hang from the lamp posts further north and south of the Downtown area. 

The foundation is requesting donations and sponsorships in a tiered list:

Platinum – $5,000
Gold – $1,000
Silver – $500
Red – $250 

Green – Greatest Need/Any Amount

Donations can be made to the Holiday Lights program by mailing a check to the Downtown Foundation at 217 S. Church Street, Bowling Green, OH 43402. Donations can also be made from the Downtown Foundation website. 

For more information, visit the Downtown Foundation website or contact the foundation at 419-354-4332.