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Meet Yasmin’s creator!

With books that are quickly winning a place in the hearts and on the bookshelves of children all over the country, the Yasmin series follows the story of a second-grader with incredible imagination as she envisions herself embarking on all sorts of career paths, from chef to superhero. Saadia Faruqi, the writer who brought Yasmin

The spirit of the Christmas Weed lives on

The tale of Toledo’s Christmas Weed— which was decorated by area residents after being spotted growing out of sidewalk at the corner of Secor and Alexis— became an unlikely viral sensation last year. And though it was ‘weednapped’ mere days after the holiday, the spirit of the unique landmark lives on in the new children’s

For once, you can enjoy Writer’s Block!

Remember book fairs? Those amazing days at school with a remarkable selection of books on sale? Join regional authors at Franklin Park Mall’s food court for the Writer’s Block Author Fair, on December 14. Over 30 regional authors, including children’s author Nick Rokicki, fantasy writer A.M. Cummins, sci-fi and comic writer Jim Beard and many

Twelve Lives, one book club

The unusual and thrilling novel The Twelve Lives of Samuel Hawley will be discussed by the Perrysburg Book Club during its next meeting, at Gathering Volumes on December 17. Written by Hannah Tinti, Twelve Lives tells the story of a single parent whose long journey with his daughter leads them to a small fishing town

Art and Performance Poetry

A pair of Ohio poets will present their works as part of a reading at the Art and Performance Center of Toledo on December 6. Duane Vorhees, author of the recently published The Many Loves of Duane Vorhees, will read selections as will Toledo resident Alaina Lightfoot, author of Namely Art and Love. Wine and

Meet “Joy of Cooking” Experts

One of the most recognizable cookbooks in publishing history, The Joy of Cooking has been in print for over 85 years. Originally written by homemaker Irma S. Rombauer, the book has been continuously revised and updated over the years. Its most recent edition will be the focus of the Authors! Series talk, with two of