Labor Day 2021: Laborers’ Local 500

A century of fighting for our members and their families

In 1903, Samuel Gompers, the president of the American Federation of Labor, brought together a variety of local construction unions from around the country to fight against unfair practices. That was the first step toward the creation of the Laborers’ International Union of North America (LIUNA), which currently has over 500,000 proud members in the United States and Canada. In Toledo alone, Laborers’ Local 500 boasts over 1,300 members and is celebrating their 103rd anniversary.

For over a century, the Laborers’ International Union has worked to secure collective bargaining agreements to earn pay that supports our members’ families, quality and competitive benefits and the chance at a better life. Our members are skilled workers who perform transformative work in the construction and energy industries. From the power that runs your home to the very buildings and roads you use every day, our work touches everyone’s lives.

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