Thursday, February 22, 2024

Labor Day 2021: AFSCME Local 2415

AFSCME UTMC employees continuing to contribute to the healing of our community

Now more than ever, our community needs UTMC. As we all continue to maneuver through these challenging times with the coronavirus and its ever-changing variants, AFSCME Local #2415 UTMC employees remain patient, and family centered. AFSCME Local #2415 members realize that this last year has been very difficult for most of our families, to say the least. We remain loyal to our patients and their families to provide them with the very best in service and comprehensive healthcare.

AFSCME Local #2415 employees work collaboratively with other staff, physicians, and researchers to offer our community a continuous continuity of care if someone is sick and needs to become a patient at UTMC. We put our patients first, every time! AFSCME Local #2415 employees know that UTMC plays a vital role in providing high quality healthcare to our South Toledo residents and residents from our surrounding regions.

AFSCME employees have always played a major role in supporting UTMC’s vision of teaching, healing, and research and we will continue this because we know that our public hospital is important for our community and its safety. AFSCME Local #2415 knows that providing care for everyone is important in achieving this goal. We also, know that providing care for individuals that may have limited access to healthcare should not be a determining factor in receiving the care that they need. AFSCME Local #2415 is honored to serve our public because we value our public and the health of our community!

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