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Jeep Fest 2022 wants visitors from all 50 states

This past summer’s Toledo Jeep Fest was a resounding success, drawing an estimated 65,000 attendees and putting over $5 million into the area’s economy. Jeep fans from 37 different states visited Toledo for the event— an impressive number during a pandemic. But Jeep Fest’s organizers are always aiming to make the event even bigger.

On October 7, they unveiled their grand plan and theme for the fifth edition of Jeep Fest in 2022: They want to draw attendees from all 50 states.

“We want 5 for 50. Five years, we want 50 states. We can do it. Everybody knows somebody somewhere. We all met a bunch of people on Facebook in the pandemic,” said Lucas County Commissioner Pete Gerken.

“Let’s bring them and show them what the real truth is— that Jeep was born, built and produced, still here in North Toledo, and it’s going to stay here, and we’re going to show the world what it’s worth.”

The plans were discussed at a news conference held as part of an event held honoring the volunteers who helped make Jeep Fest 2021 a success in the parking lot of United Auto Workers Local 12 on Thursday night.

“Today, we wanted to get our volunteers together and do a little recognition,” said Jerry Huber, Toledo Jeep Fest board member. “But the other reason we wanted to get everybody together, and before the big party starts, is to make sure that everybody marks their calendar for August 12, 13 and 14 next year— that’s the Jeep Fest date.”

Huber revealed that the organizers behind Jeep Fest have already started to hold meetings planning next year’s event, and teased a few ideas for 2022, including an expanded partnership with Toledo Metroparks and working with Imagination Station to display Jeep videos on the big screen at the KeyBank Discovery Theater.

“With our volunteer base, who knows what we can accomplish?” Huber said. 

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