Knightheart organizes Beach House Family Shelter benefit concert

MVNIFVST (pronounced “MANIFEST”) is “dedicated to representing dreamers and believers.” Jelani Maliik, aka Knightheart, launched the clothing brand and multimedia company to help develop artists and musicians and inspire them to realize their dreams. Now, he is utilizing his brand to support a cause close to home: the Beach House Family Shelter charity based here in Toledo, Ohio.

Who is Knightheart?

Maliik, 20-year-old creative director and musician, has been performing as Knightheart for 7 years. During his journey, he has launched multiple full-length projects, toured the region with national acts, and started his own company. 

“As a local artist, I have been involved with the community by hosting multiple music and visual art showcases including sold out events. My vision has always been to unite people through art and culture,” Maliik said. “Toledo has a deeply talented community of creatives who deserve spotlight and recognition and a part of my role is to connect those who can help build a greater culture for the 419.”

“Catch 22,” an Album of Generational Resonance

Knightheart’s latest album, “Catch 22,” a collaboration with InSession Productions and guitarist Jesse Reau, is streaming on all platforms as of August 17, 2022. His goal with the album was to dig deeper into the human experience, to explore universal truths from a place where everyone can find space to relate. 

“I stepped farther away from my artistic roots of making hip-hop music by creating an alternative rock album. To put it simply, it is the rawest and most well-articulated body of work I have ever produced. It really pushed my vocal ability and songwriting to a new dimension. My intention was to strip myself of all outside influence and expectation to tap into my true ‘voice.’ I wanted this album to feel like a ‘coming of age’ experience while not being limited to resonating with just my generation.”

MVNIFVST and Knightheart Present

Growing up, Maliik’s family underwent extreme crises and endured toxic environments. He ended up calling the Beach House Family Shelter home for a stint and started writing songs in their backyard. There, his true artist self surfaced, and he now has a profound connection with Beach House both through his music and his own personal experiences.

“I knew it was time for me to give back in the best way I know how; through art and music,” Maliik said. 

The show takes place at The Ottawa Tavern, August 27. Proceeds benefit Leading Families Home, a charitable organization that funds emergency shelters such as Beach House, provides education and employment services, and helps area families achieve independence and economic stability. Local artists include Zak Nevers, Chloris the Fairy, Reina Mystique, Murder the Crown, D. Knight, TJ Sloan, and Litle Troy.

Maliik: “Our great friends at The Ottawa Tavern will be serving delicious food and good drinks for all those looking to have a good time. We invite everyone to come out & be a part of the culture! This is a perfect opportunity to get engaged in your community while also having a great time.”

After speaking about the show, Jelani left us with one last word of wisdom: “You can overcome anything and manifest yourself into anything you want.” By following his passion, and giving back in the process, Knightheart is realizing the truth behind his words.