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Mobile Eyeglass Shop Brings Style, Affordability to Toledo

Kristin Moncrief takes the bus to work – only it’s not a transit bus, it’s her business. 

Moncrief, the owner of Optigo by Twix ‘N’ Between, provides vision care to customers on-site, whether that’s at their house, church, school or places of work. With a bus renovated by her father in 2020, she brings the eyeglass shop to her clients. 

Moncrief says customers don’t always know what to expect when they see her mobile optical shop for the first time. “They’re totally amazed at what the bus looks like and how comfortable and cozy it is. It’s truly a mobile optical shop with seats, a desk and frame boards. I have meetings on the bus all the time outside of seeing clients. It’s a very inviting intimate space to shop and for me to connect with the community.”

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Community is something that matters deeply to Moncrief, and is one of the main reasons she started her own business in 2016. Originally from Youngstown, OH, Moncrief relocated to attend the University of Toledo,  graduating in 2009 before joining the vision care industry.

Mobile glasses shop
Moncrief transports her business via bus, where clients can come in, try on glasses and find the perfect set.

“My previous industry experiences weren’t fulfilling because I wasn’t able to spend quality one-on-one time with my clients,” she said. “I wanted to be able to give them the proper education about their purchase and to be able to suggest certain things, based on the doctor’s recommendations while giving my recommendations, and truly provide them with the best service possible. It’s almost impossible to do that when you have several people waiting to be seen, and that’s why providing OptiGo’s mobile optical service is important, because we offer a more personalized, custom, hassle-free service to our clients.”

In addition to her industry experience, Moncrief is a glasses wearer herself. This is something she feels allows her to relate more easily to her clients. “These personal and professional experiences have really been beneficial for the business as well as the clients because I’m speaking from real world experience, and I am able to share from my own personal journey.”

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Despite the many aspects of the job that she enjoys, being a small business owner has its challenges. “Sometimes I feel like OptiGo is a small fish in a big pond because the industry is filled with large companies that monopolize the industry and make it difficult to compete, which can be very intimidating at times,” Moncrief said.

But those challenges are worth overcoming because of the community she has found as a local entrepreneur, and because of OptiGo’s originality.

“The feedback and love that I receive from my community, colleagues and other business owners keeps me motivated and focused. Also, the uniqueness of OptiGo helps set the business apart from others and has been welcomed with open arms.”

The most important aspect of her business, Moncrief said, is putting time back in the hands of her clients.

“I enjoy meeting new people,” she said. “I enjoy the one-on-one time that I get to spend with my clients  having the opportunity to really uncover their needs as far as eyewear or vision care. I appreciate having the opportunity to give people time to ask questions and to understand the process.”

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