Best of Toledo 2016


Want to shoot for the stars? Start here.

Every year, we embark on a mission to discover the Best of Toledo. The Glass City is a world of its own and we ask you, dear readers, to help us explore it. Without your guidance, we’d fly a little too close to the sun. How else could we find the Best Place To Dance All Night or the Best Trivia Night for Trash Talkers?

This ain’t rocket science— we ask, you tell and then we count the votes. If we can put a man on the moon, we can discover the Best Hot Dog in town.

Now, the hard part is over. The results are in, and we’re totally over the moon.

Join us and reach for the stars. Find out the Best Brewery To Fill Your Growler At, the Best Florist, the Best Singer and the best Toledoan To Send To Space (we think they will find themselves at home).

All systems are go. We’re ready for launch.

Are you?

To infinity— and beyond!



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