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‘Bus Stop’ Stops in at Toledo Rep

The American classic by William Inge, Bus Stop, is portrayed by the talents of the Toledo Rep. Amidst a snowstorm, a bus load of travelers are stuck at a roadside diner for the night. Relationships— both platonic and romantic— develop to present a comedic and witty show. $18-$20 | Showtimes are 8pm January 11, 12,

50 Years of Woodstock

It’s been 50 years since the famous Woodstock Music Festival. Whether you attended or weren’t even born yet, everyone can experience the magic of the 60’s with a Magic Bus “Journey to Woodstock” concert. The audience will be transported back in time with the live music channeling Janis Joplin, Jefferson Airplane, the Byrds and many

Mamma Mia! at St. Ursula Academy

St. Ursula Academy puts on their winter production, Mamma Mia, a light-hearted story of love and friendship. Right before her wedding, young bride Sophie embarks on a journey through history to discover her birth father. With a cheerful musical score, the timeless tale celebrates the gift of life. Tickets are $12 for students, $18 for

Metroparks Introduce Snowshoe Pop-Ups

Experience winter in the Metroparks in a whole new way! A new program, Snowshoe Pop-Ups, will occur on short notice, at any time of the month, at various locations. Those who register will go on a winter wonderland adventure wearing heavy-duty footwear to trudge through the snow. It’s a fun workout and a great excuse

Date Night at Total Self Defense of Toledo

Add some security to your love life at Total Self Defense of Toledo’s Couples Date Night: Learn to Fight Night. You and your love will have fun while learning various self-protection techniques and exercises. Some of the main techniques include situational awareness, pepper spray training, escaping from common holds, strikes, and home protection, among other

A Toledo Guide to Navigating the Government Shutdown

Have you been affected by the government shutdown? Significant numbers of federal workers and their dependents certainly have. The shutdown has left government workers unemployed with their paychecks on hold, while those dependent on government support, such as those using SNAP or WIC, may also lose those resources. We’ve compiled a list of great things