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Game of glide

The brightly colored discs spin, arc and glide above low grassy terrain, over hills, and swerve around large mature tree trunks before landing 300 feet away in the targeted basket.

Water patrol

Toledoan Cathie Slabaugh wanted more — to really shake things up, to expand her life and to be a part of a worthwhile endeavor.

Reconnect with Mother Earth

There is a place tenderly wrought and rooted in the love and care of the earth and all creation, where Earth Day sentiments are not confined to twenty-four hours but are part of an abiding graciousness and a gentle way of life for the Sisters of St. Francis. Since 1917 they have molded eighty nine acres in Sylvania , which includes the campus of Lourdes University, into a space of spiritual peace, welcoming all people.