Monday, May 20, 2024

Women in Business 2024: Mary Brucker of WGTE’s ‘Voices Around Us’ Project

Host of “Women and What WE-DO” podcast 

1270 S. Detroit Ave.


WGTE Public Media hosts a podcast series, Voices Around Us, featuring community experts giving a voice to creative thinkers from all around the community. The project is supported in part by American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds allocated by the City of Toledo and the Lucas County Commissioners and administered by The Arts Commission. One podcast, “Women and What WE-DO” is hosted by Mary K. Brucker, who tackles women’s issues, inspiring stories and wisdom to share. In addition to her work with WGTE, Brucker has her own theater company and works to provide opportunities to youth and women in the community. Brucker walks us through her routine, typical podcast production and working with WGTE.

Pre-podcast: Research, choose my guests, create some questions and mentally prepare. Test levels, talk through the vision of the whole program.
During recording: Talk with women, learn more about their lives, have surprising and inspiring conversations.
Podcast production: Work with my amazing producer to create edits. Record the introduction and the outro. Take care of any future episode teasers, let Chris Peiffer (my producer) handle the edits. Promote the episode, post/upload the podcast. 

“Just like what we say in the ‘Women and What WE-DO’ podcast: ‘Always speak up.’ This is your voice, this is your platform, don’t be afraid to share your story. We all have a story and it’s so beautiful, no matter where it is. Live your truth.”

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