Monday, May 20, 2024

Women in Business 2024: Kali Kowalski of Dial An Empath



Dial An Empath is a new service that helps those who need a friendly listening ear. This business has a team of empathetic listeners that are there to help you navigate life’s obstacles in a non-judgmental space to chat. You simply call the number when you need a friend, and Owner Kali Kowalski and her team will lend an ear. Kowalski discusses her normal routine, as well as the empathy needed to work this job.

Morning: Start my coffee, turn on some tunes, do some prayer or meditation.

Work: Work my full time job, take calls after I leave work and extend a listening ear.

Evening: Play with my dogs and go for a walk with them. Decompress with nature. Read my book, fall asleep watching The FBI Files.

“Be yourself. Be authentic and be true to who you are. Do not let the judgements of other people or what they are going to think weigh in on anything you’re doing. Follow your heart, but not at the expense of logic.”

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