Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Women in Business 2024: Jess of Needle Masters

Tattoo Artist

5801 Telegraph Road
527 S. Reynolds Road

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Needle Masters has the tattoo and piercing resources for you. Established in 1999, Needle Masters provides large, private booths, a clean, sterile environment, single use items only and Red Cross Certified artists. The artists specialized in a variety of styles ranging from new skool, gothic, traditional, black & gray, portraits, realism, color bomb and graffiti art. Though appointments and an idea of the design prior are always appreciated, Needle Masters takes walk-ins and will draw your tattoo design on the spot for you. Tattoo Artist Jess walks us through her process at the shop.

Morning: Come in early, get my thoughts together. Look at the appointment schedule for the day. Listen to my playlist to get myself hyped up.

Work: Take the appointments I have scheduled, work with any potential walk-ins to see what they want. Create stencils, set up my station, make sure they like the stencil, tattoo the art.

Evening: Clean my station for the next artist to use. Help lock up the shop, prepare for my next appointments.

“I know sometimes a lot of females will feel discouraged going into an industry that’s more men-based, but I say as long as you’re dedicated to what you do and you work hard, you can do whatever the hell you want to.”

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