Monday, May 20, 2024

Toledo According To… Rosie Best

Years lived in Toledo: 31

Occupation: Therapist, Artistic Director of Issue Box Theatre, Assistant Director Northview High School Plays and Musicals

My story, in one sentence: I was born in Wolverhampton to Irish parents. My mom was from Belfast, and my dad was from Dungannon. I’m the youngest of five children, and I had been a youth worker and I had done two years at Youth and Community College, which was training to be a youth and community worker. Then I did a year at the London School of Theology, basically a year of seminary study, and I came over here to work with the young people in a church when I was nearly 30. Then I ended up getting a religious worker visa, and then I got my green card. Eventually, I became a citizen, by which time I was teaching theater at Toledo School for the Arts. I left there in about 2000… and now at the point where I’ve been in Toledo nearly 30 years. 

The Toledo Library, Toledo Museum of Art and the Toledo Zoo are the places in Toledo I’m most proud of.

– The best meal I had in Toledo was the beans at MaMa’s Kitchen.

Toledo Pride is my favorite annual event.

– A business Toledo needs (but doesn’t have) is a British food store.

– My favorite piece of local art/architecture is The Soul of Words I & II outside of the Toledo Museum of Art.

– My favorite production I’ve ever been in was The Secret Garden at the Toledo Repertoire Theatre.

– My favorite production through Issue Box Theatre was The Willard Suitcases.

– If I could change one thing about Toledo, I would help encourage people to have appropriate debates and discussions with civility, dignity and reverence.

– The best view in Toledo is the roundabout on River Road with the wonderful fountain and the view of the river.

– When I’m away from Toledo, I can’t wait to have a hug from my wife when I get back.

– If Toledo had a new motto, it would be “We’ve got it all.”

– The most underrated thing in Toledo is our arts scene.

– The most overrated thing in Toledo is the anti-Toledo rhetoric.  

– Rob and Casey Koenig are the Toledoans I most admire.

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