Posting Secrets

. February 21, 2014.
Frank-Warren_LG creator Frank Warren tells TCP his secrets Frank Warren began in 2004 as a simple blog where individuals could anonymously send in decorated postcards to share their secrets. What started out of boredom from an unfulfi lling job has grown into a national outlet of relief, humor and more for those who share their secrets and for readers. Who wouldn’t love a chance to air their secrets without social cost? Warren conveys a story in postings each week with the secrets he receives and allows each postcard to offer a voice for the unheard. Five books later, Warren travels nationwide, speaking on college campuses and hosting book signings. Warren will speak and sign his works at Owens Community College on Wednesday, March 23, at 7:30pm. TCP spoke with Warren to talk about life, his travels and, of course, secrets. 

What interested you in learning/sharing other people’s secrets?

Warren: Ever since I discovered that my family kept secrets. Some I knew of,some I was excluded from. I have been fascinated with stories we hide from others or ourselves. (Warren also shared that if he could ask one person, living or dead, what their biggest secret was he replied that he would ask the head librarian of the destroyed Library of Alexandria to share the lost secrets of the ancient world.)

Share some of the most memorable secrets you have received.

Warren: A secret on a postcard with The Twin Towers on it that read, “Everyone who knew me before 9/11 believes I’m dead.” Or, the Starbucks cup that said, “ I serve decaf to customers who are rude to
me.” And lastly, “a buried secret from my own life that I uncovered, wrote on a postcard and mailed to myself. It’s in my first book.” (While Warren receives postcards with secrets evoking all kinds of emotions from heart-wrenching to downright funny, he gets many deeply emotional secrets, and admits to looking forward to the “funny, inspiring and even taboo secrets.”

Why don’t you prepare the postcards for display? (Postal barcode strips occasionally cover the words or the text has come unglued.)

Warren: I like when the postcards show evidence of their journey–like the secret has a story of its own.

What has been the biggest challenge you’ve faced with PostSecret and how long will you keep it going?

Warren: Keeping up with email. That’s why I never post my email address at Even after reading 500,000 secrets, I still look forward to my mail every day. (After Warren’s finished
with the secrets he stores all of them in a secret location, offering a nod of respect to each author.)

Does your mail-person love or hate you?

Warren: Well she gets a very big Christmas tip so I hope she doesn’t hate me.

Share with us what has been most inspirational about your speaking engagements?

Warren: Live speaking events are my favorite part of the project. It’s great to expose and project secrets that were banned from the books, share some of my own secrets, reveal the humor and inspiration
behind the secrets and listen to audience members unburden themselves by telling their secrets. The events and book signings can get emotional.

Tickets for Warren’s PostSecret tour are $20 for floor seats and $10 for bleacher seating. The presentation takes place at OCC’s Student Health and Activities Center at 30335 Oregon Rd., Perrysburg.
For tickets call 567-661-2787 or visit For more on Frank Warren or PostSecret, visit