Shall We Dance?

. November 7, 2018.

T.H.E. Modern Dance Company began in January 2018 when directors Allie Batey and Ashley Hill put their heads together to meet a need Toledo’s dance community has had for years – an inclusive company for professionals and beginners alike. T.H.E. (Toledo’s Human Experience) is geared toward adults, often serving as a way for dancers to continue perfecting their craft post-college. As there is no dance degree at the University of Toledo or Bowling Green University, many dancers in the area will be able to continue their training at T.H.E to fill that gap.

“Dancers are artists,” said Batey. “We’ve trained our whole lives to do this and we shouldn’t just drop it.” T.H.E. offers eight-week sessions with classes like ballet, modern dance, and tap. There are also around five workshops a month at T.H.E., the most recent being a BYOB hip hop class taught by company member Antonio “Halo” Winfree from So You Think You Can Dance.

Hill says T.H.E. is a place to “have some fun, learn some new moves—there are a lot of different opportunities for different people here.”

Having partnered with Toledo’s Repertoire Theatre to create their first show, a cabaret called “Elevate,” the nonprofit company’s goal is to be an inclusive space for performers of all genres, not only dance.

“The inclusion of ‘Elevate’ is to lift up everybody, incorporating fine art, performance, singing, singer-songwriters, and it will combine to be a one-act cabaret,” said Hill. “This will be our first show written in collaboration with other area artists.” In short, T.H.E.’s mission is to “celebrate the potential inside of you and your story, whether that’s through acting, singing, or dancing.”

$17.75-$19.75 for tickets to “Elevate.”
Saturday, November 17 | 7pm
The 10th Street Stage, 16 10th St. |