Saturday, February 24, 2024

Toledo According To Kat Tomasewski!

Age: 36
Occupation: Interior Designer, Freelance Writer, Blogger (Mom on the Go in Holy Toledo)
​Toledoan since: 1980

I go on the Maumee River, The Sandpiper, for the best view in Toledo. 

When out of towners visit us, I always take them to (1) Tony Packo’s.

The last store I went to is Health Foods by Claudia.

The garden on the side on the Manor House at Wildwood Metropark is my secret spot. 

I always brag about Toledo’s Rosary Cathedral.

One of my favorite nights out in Toledo was a (2) Ladies Night Out at Birds Eye View Circus where we learned some aerial skills.

If I ever forget to buy a present for a special occasion, I know Taste of Toledo located in Levis Commons will hook me up with a great gift.

I know Burger Bar 419 will satisfy my munchies.

Christmas Eve at Rosary Cathedral is my favorite annual event.  

I wish (3) Build it! was still open.

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