Saturday, December 3, 2022

Social Studies

Paul Sokolowski and Karen MurphyPerfect touch
Couples gathered at the Pinnacle in Maumee on
January 16 for an afternoon of wedding details. Vendor
and etiquette experts gave tips and simple solutions for
brides and grooms to be.

William and Sandy Russel, Joan's Children, wiht Martha Petrovick

Joan Russell remembered
A celebration of acclaimed jazz enthusiast
and owner of Murphy’s Place in downtown
Toledo. Musicians, family and friends
gathered to share memories and enjoy the
tunes that Russell lived for.

Judd and Sheila Johnson with Doni Miller

Jesse Coleman and Damon Cook



Birthday bash at Manhattan’s
Patrons and friends gathered to
celebrate Manhattan’s eighth year in
business. The Lahey family, owners of
the restaurant, and their guests enjoyed
food, cocktails, music and cake!

Marty, Barbara and Zack Lahey

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