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Radio Provides Exciting Opportunity for Local Students

They say a picture is worth a thousand words; but what about words and voices? Students in northwest Ohio are using their voices to fill the airwaves. Through the use of radio stations, these students can gain real-world experiences to support their hobbies or to prepare them for their futures in communication.
WXUT Radio Station
88.3 WXUT- is housed inside the University of Toledo and features professional equipment that compares to most professional stations.

88.3 WXUT – University of Toledo

Located on the campus of The University of Toledo, 88.3 FM WXUT Toledo is owned and operated by the University of Toledo Student Broadcasting Organization (SBO). SBO manages the station and all professional audio services campus-wide. For over 30 years, WXUT has been filling the community airwaves with coverage of Rockets sports, radio shows, and of course, music! During the day, WXUT shares the 88.3 dial with its station partner, WXTS, which is based out of Scott High School. Students work in the state-of-the-art on UT’s campus where they can host a radio show or work behind the scenes in production and promotion. You can learn more about the station and listen online here.

88.3 WXTS – Scott High School

Beginning in 1979, this Jazz-exclusive station is run and operated solely by students at Scott High School to teach them how to communicate efficiently or to further their careers in broadcasting. While students spend time in the studio, they learn how to run the computers, program music, and perform essential duties to make the station function. “They learn how to do a job,” says Lisa Zilba, instructor for television and broadcasting at Scott High School, adding that the students learn the history of Jazz music and how it’s helped shape the modern music that they listen to today. “It’s a staple in our community,” says Dr. Carnell Smith, principal of Scott High School.

FM 97.7 WNLB-LP Blue Devil Radio – Springfield High School

Blue Devil Student Radio 
Students Morgan and Maddie work in the Blue Devil Radio station.
If you’re into oldies, 97.7 WNLB-LP (Blue Devil Radio) is just for you. Located inside Springfield High School, this station features music from the 1950s and 1960s. And you guessed it, it’s run by students! The idea was birthed in 2016 when a Holland resident voiced their desire to the school’s former Superintendent, Dr. Michael O’Shea, to launch a hands-on student radio experience. From there, it has continued to grow to about 10 students participating each trimester. They contribute five hours of their week where they learn to research, write and edit scripts, conduct interviews, and record their audio. “It isn’t just a ‘radio station’, it’s an authentic learning lab that supports and flexes communication skills,” says Matt Geha, superintendent of Springfield High School, adding that the station receives fan mail and fan calls almost every day from across the country. This station joins the company of fewer than 1% of other high schools across the country that broadcast on an FM station, which Mark Davidson, station supervisor, sees as an excellent and unique opportunity for those interested in joining the station. “The station offers real-world experiences. If you were to go to any professional station, you would see the same equipment that is used in our studio,” Davidson adds. The school is working to develop a program for students to earn college credits for their participation with the station. You can download the Blue Devil Radio app on your mobile phone to listen on the go. Just search “Blue Devil Radio” in your phone’s app store.

88.1 WBGU-FM and Falcon Radio

Bowling Green State University has two avenues for radio involvement: 88.1 WBGU-FM and Falcon Radio.
Phil Beskid WBGU Radio 
Phil Beskid has a vast background in radio including promotions, on-air, and production.
The latter is exclusively a student-run streaming radio that provides students with opportunities to acclimate themselves to the radio industry; whereas WBGU-FM is designated as a “community radio station” that is a collaborative effort between community volunteers and students at BGSU. Phil Beskid, the faculty advisor for WBGU-FM and Falcon Radio, says students who get involved with Falcon Radio can dabble in various projects like podcasts and radio shows. “Both stations provide an excellent opportunity to exercise a hobby or to interact with the community and the intimidation factor can be easily overcome if you spend some time in the studio,” says Phil. Additionally, there are scholarship positions and paid positions available while working with the station. Students may also obtain course credits that can contribute to their degree. For anyone who is interested in either WBGU or Falcon Radio, you can reach out to BG Falcon Media here.

Owens Community College Radio (OCCR)

What began as a capstone project in 2017 quickly grew into OCCR which plays a variety of music ranging from classic rock, Motown hits, alternative rock, country, and hip hop. “This station is about having fun and expressing oneself creatively,” says Herbey Atkinson, station manager.
OCCR Radio Studio 
The OCCR studio is housed on the campus of Owens Community College.
There are currently three students who serve as live on-air personalities in addition to hosting several pre-recorded shows. Students can get involved with the station through two programs where they can create a professional body of work showcasing their application of skills for potential employers. Students can also secure scholarships by accomplishing tasks related to the station. OCCR streams exclusively online 24/7 via the OCCR app in your phone’s app storez

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