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Local Looks 2022

by Sonny Forest and David Bernard

This year’s Men’s Style participants bring finesse and substance to their careers in education, hospitality, sports and fitness, food and music. Brains and dashing looks mixed with great taste and tunes: what could be more stylish? Our honorees told us about their style and showed us what they’ve got at a T photo shoot at TolHouse, the hip members only Vistula neighborhood club.

If I wasn’t an entrepreneur I would be: a firefighter.

My inspiration comes from: Wanting to grow and build something great.

One piece of advice you’d give your younger self: To be relentless in your pursuit.

What’s one song you play to put yourself in a good mood: “California Love” by 2pac and Dr. Dre.

Where would you most like to buy a one way ticket to? Palermo, Sicily.

My drink of choice is: Coffee with a side of coffee.

I start my day by: Giving gratitude.

I relax by: Being around my family. No matter how loud and crazy they are, that’s where I find my peace.



Item I can’t live without: My cell phone. Literally I do everything on it, including completing these questions, LOL.

Morning routine: Gratitude, shower, coffee, into the office (my gym, Red Line Circuit Training).

Cleanliness obsession: My gym, constantly wiping and cleaning to keep everyone healthy.

Favorite shoes: NOBULLS

Typical breakfast: Egg whites and fruit smoothie.

Prized possession: My creativity.

Usual outfit: A black button up, dark wash jeans and aviators.

On my nightstand: Phone charger, lamp and alarm clock. I’m old school.

My style icon: No icon. My style is simple and classic.

I feel my best when wearing: Laughter. I’m told that my laugh is contagious. To laugh is to enjoy life!

What problem do you think style solves? You’re at your best when you look nice. When you think of professionalism, people see a sense of pride, meaning not only for myself, but I recognize that I represent the City of Toledo.

What do you wear when you’re just relaxing? For the most part, because in a sense I’m always at work, I’m in a suit probably 95% of the time. And the other 5%, is when I’m at the gym. Usually when I’m at the gym, someone may see me and almost not recognize me because I don’t have the TPS shirt collar, so they’re surprised. But because of the nature of my job, I’m always representing TPS. I always have to be on.

What’s the farthest you’ve gone in the name of style? Going back to being a football player at the University of Toledo, we always wore the blue and gold. And to this day, I have driven halfway to Columbus and realized I had forgotten my class ring, and I drove all the way back to grab it because I don’t feel that I’m properly attired. And that’s that athlete in me: you need to
feel prepared not only mentally, but physically as well.

Where do you get your hair cut? I have a family member in Detroit who
cuts the hair for Pistons players and Lions players. And because he’s family, he can get me in.

What most influenced your style education? I was at the University
of Toledo, working on my master’s degree at the time, and I was walking to class, when I ran into one of my former Professors who asked me where I was going, and I told him I was going to teach a class. And he said, “Dressed like that?” And he comtinued, “You’re setting an example for the students. Dress like it.” So from that day forward, I always wore a tie to work.

If I wasn’t a DJ, I would be: An electrician.

My inspiration comes from: James Brown, Michael Jackson, Kobe Bryant & Tupac! Just to be GREAT!

One piece of advice you’d give your younger self: Believe in yourself, stay focused, take the leap of faith when the opportunity comes, spend more time with your family, continue to pray and keep your faith in God.

Where would you most like to buy a one way ticket to? Anywhere that has peace. I don’t like drama around me.

My drink of choice is: Silver Patrón with a little Sprite or Remy 1738 with a little Cherry Coke.

I start my day by: Thinking positive and setting five goals to be completed by the end of the day.

I relax by: Driving with no music and just thinking.

Item I can’t live without: Everything that plays music.

Morning routine: Drink water to help flush my system out.

Cleanliness obsession: Hide all cords after a DJ setup.

Favorite shoes: Stacy Adams “gators” or suede shoes.

Typical breakfast: French toast, turkey bacon, eggs with cheese and hash browns.

Prized possession: Pictures and videos of my Mom and Grandma who have
passed away.

I always wear: Only quality clothes. When you look good, you feel good.

On my nightstand: Just my phone.

My style icon: My dressing style is influenced by Detroit’s urban culture and
my grandmother’s style. From the hats to the matching shoes, fur coats and designer glasses.

I feel my best when wearing: A sports jacket with a vest, my Dobbs hat, suede shoes and my Cartier glasses.



If I wasn’t a TV anchor, I would be: A real estate house flipper.

My inspiration comes from: Showing my children how to work hard and enjoy your passions.

One piece of advice you’d give your younger self: Stop thinking you know it all.

What’s one song you play to put yourself in a good mood: Casanova by Gerald Levert.

Where would you most like to buy a one way ticket to? Cayman Islands.

My drink of choice is: Rum and coke.

I start my day by: Working out.

I relax by: Reading.



Item I can’t live without: ChapStick lip balm.

Morning routine: Work out, read the newspaper, unload the dishwasher, help prep kids’ lunches, eat breakfast, take kids to the bus stop, shower, go to work.

Cleanliness obsession: Clean and clear kitchen countertops.

Favorite shoes: Florsheim dress casual brown shoes.

Typical breakfast: Blueberry bagel, yogurt and granola, Honey Bunches of
Oats, coffee. Prized possession: 84 neckties. I always wear: Comfortable socks.

On my nightstand: A stack of books that I need to read.

My style icon: BCSN basketball analyst Deon Thompson

I feel my best when wearing: A light blue suit, button down shirt with fun socks and brown dress shoes.


If I wasn’t a chef, I would be: A fireman.

My inspiration comes from: My mother and my family.

One piece of advice you’d give your younger self: Be patient! Life is a process!

What’s one song you play to put yourself in a good mood: Foo Fighters, “My Hero.”

My drink of choice is: Turkish old fashioned (Bourbon, cardamom bitters, simple syrup and an orange peel).

I start my day by: Being thankful for the people in my life (my entire family, fiancé and friends).

I relax by: Being with the one I love. Item I can’t live without: My old school turntable and vinyl records.

Morning routine: Cup of coffee, walk the dogs and then off to work.

Cleanliness obsession: Clean kitchen.

Favorite shoes: Wingtip boots.

Typical breakfast: Protein shake & a double espresso.

Prized possession: Family recipes.

I always wear: A great time piece.

On my nightstand: A good book.

My style icon: Isn’t an individual for me. I think it’s more the mood I’m in. I feel my best when wearing: A chef coat because I’m being creative and doing what I love!


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