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‘Creating Todd Crandell:’ A Year to Write, 57 Years to Live

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Racing for RecoveryTM, the addiction prevention and recovery organization founded by Sylvania native Todd Crandell, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC-S) and Licensed Independent Chemical Dependency Counselor (LICDC-CS), is a pillar in the Toledo area that supports clients’ recovery mentally, physically, spiritually, intellectually and nutritionally. 

This CARF accredited, federally approved 501(c) (3) nonprofit is the first of its kind to help all those involved in struggles with addiction, not just the individual. Thursday evenings from 6:30pm to 7:30 pm EST, they offer their Signature Live Stream Support Group at their building or virtually via their Youtube and Facebook pages. A free plant based dinner is complimentary to attendees from 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm EST.

As Racing for RecoveryTM advocates the benefits of fitness with addiction recovery, Crandell and other members of the organization participate in grueling runs to help center their minds, while other members engage in other life enhancing activities because the program endorses an active holistic lifestyle that some form of exercise is a part of. Crandell has also written 6 books to aid his work with the organization, his latest being Creating Todd Crandell

Sharing his racing 

Crandell, The Original Sober Triathlete SM has completed 113 IRONMAN Triathlons on 6 continents and 16 countries, his latest being the Dominican Republic; and even centered his fifth book, 100, around his completion of 25 years of global IRONMAN racing expressed in captivating pictures.

100 exhibits images and short stories that showcase the impact these endurance races have on the mind, body and spirit. Additionally, Crandell’s fourth documentary project, titled “Racing for Recovery”, scheduled to premiere in 2024, is a testament to his enduring physical, mental, and emotional struggles while sustaining sobriety and committing to serving others.

Crandell strives to be an inspiration and servant to those struggling, as he did, but wants people to understand how far he had to come to get to where he is today. “It’s not the damn race; it’s what it takes to do the race, and why I’m doing the race. If you want the reward, do the damn work!” Crandell quips. 

Creating Todd Crandell 

His latest work is his sixth book, which he titled Creating Todd Crandell which details power lessons he’s learned from his own journey, which he wants to impart to others. One co-worker, after reading Creating Todd Crandell, told him that this book feels like Crandell has finally found his stride and confidence after over 23 years of hard work through Racing for RecoveryTM. 

“The good was always within me and was buried because of a drug addiction,” Crandell said. “I’ve let it finally come out in a way that shows healing, self-esteem, and confidence. Hopefully that message that I’m arrogant and conceited can be put to the side.” 

The book illustrates the impact of trauma, discussing how long it takes to heal from drugs and alcohol, but mostly, showcasing that it can be done. Racing for RecoveryTM is a resource that 

Crandell did not have available when going through his recovery. The idea was influenced by Nikki Six’s book The First 21, as well as the people Crandell has surrounded himself with, who were going through similar circumstances. Creating Todd Crandell took a year to write. He hopes that people understand what he’s had to endure to see his dreams come to fruition, and take inspiration from his story. 

Crandell’s gratitude is tenfold. He never thought he would be alive today, let alone able to write books and share his perspective with other people. The hard copy debuted April 15, which marked Crandell’s 31st year of sobriety. 

“To be able to be alive, to do what I’m doing with Racing for RecoveryTM and to have one book was pretty cool, but to now have six… each of these books have been because of questions people have asked about previous books, or I saw a need that I could write a book about,” Crandell explained. 

Providing meaning through jobs 

The mission of Racing for RecoveryTM is to prevent all forms of substance abuse by promoting a lifestyle of fitness and plant based health for all those affected by addiction. Part of the mission also includes rehabilitating clients by providing job opportunities. 

Not all of the staff at Racing for RecoveryTM went through the program, but some like Chef Dean Orner have utilized the “10 Lifestyles” in a manner in which they were constructed. Racing for RecoveryTM is a facility with a fully plant based kitchen where Chef Dean Orner serves proper nutrition for mind, body, and soul, along with the education on how that food benefits all individuals, especially those in recovery. Recipes are available in Todd’s fourth book, Do NO Harm: Discovering the Truth and the Power Behind a Compassionate Lifestyle

Defeating your demons 

Crandell hopes Creating Todd Crandell will reach a broader audience — not just those battling addiction. Everyone has dreams and work they must do to get to where they want to be, and Crandell sees his book helping people believe in themselves to get the job done. “A lot of people see what I’ve accomplished and see that you can accomplish these things, but now they’re going to see how it feels to embrace what you’ve accomplished,” Crandell said. 

Creating Todd Crandell is available on the Racing for RecoveryTM website, and Barnes and Noble at The Shops at Fallen Timbers. Racing for RecoveryTM, 6202 Trust Drive. 419-824-8462. 

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