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The Cork and Knife Provisions Fills a Gap of Delicious Food and Warmth

In Toledo, it’s well known to most in the restaurant industry that finding a foothold here can be very challenging due to the sheer volume of variety and culinary skill on display year-round. From food trucks to bakeries to one-of-a-kind eateries, there’s truly something here for everyone. 

It seems as though every possible niche has been filled here in some form or another. And yet, Katie Fruzynski and her husband Joseph Jacobsen still felt there was something missing in the city, a gap they decided to fill in 2020, the year of chaos and apparently, opportunity. With Jacob’s skill as a chef and Katie’s knack for hospitality, the couple founded the Cork and Knife, a catering company with a mission to provide entirely unique and delicious experiences to remember, curated for each customer to fit their perfect catering dreams. 

Farm to Table 

The biggest thing that sets Cork and Knife apart from other catering companies is the sheer level of detail they pay to every dish and every client they serve, and it all starts with locally sourced ingredients. They work with local farms and vendors to provide fresh food for not only the best tasting fare, but also to instill a connection between their clients and the people who work hard to provide their meals. 

Cork and Knife
Cork and Knife offers many food and drink items.

It’s about helping people understand the love and care that goes into producing the food they eat through their own friends and neighbors who grow it. This means that their menu changes often to reflect the seasonal nature of the fresh and locally sourced ingredients. So what you order in one month may have changed drastically by the next month. 

Fresh Cuisine with Local Ingredients 

The Cork and Knife opens Saturday mornings for take-out breakfast where both casual diners and visitors at the seasonal farmer’s market across the street can take in and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of the building. 

The menu alters frequently and may be different with every visit. For example, one day the menu consisted of a strawberry muffin with crunchy cinnamon streusel, fluffy egg and potato frittata, savory breakfast tacos and a variety of house-made smoothies. 

The strawberry muffin was fluffy and sinfully sweet, filled with chia seeds and the crunchy cinnamon streusel topping paired perfectly with the airy and warm interior. The frittata came in an extremely generous helping, loaded with soft potatoes, light airy eggs and delightfully chewy asparagus spears. Pairing a forkful of frittata with a good bite of crunchy bean sprouts heaped on top ended with a savory, salty, fluffy bite that tasted a little bit

The fluffy eggs and greens on the side.

different each time. Finally, the breakfast tacos were a satisfying blend of salty prosciutto and sweet egg, folded with sprouts into a soft and warm fresh tortilla. 

Scrumptious fresh cuisine paired with a comfortable and relaxing setting allows a visitor to lose track of time and completely immerse themselves. If you’re looking for a unique experience that makes the best use of everything Ohio farms have to offer, then definitely keep an eye out for Cork and Knife Provisions. 

Cork and Knife, 224 S Erie St., (419) 664-6946, corkandknifeprovisions.com.

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