Tuesday, July 23, 2024

T-Shirts For a Good Cause with Jupmode

Partners for Clean Streams (PCS), Maumee’s clean water initiative organization partnered with Jūpmode during March to raise money to clean up our waters.

In collaboration with Jūpmode, a Toledo-based clothing company, PCS created a t-shirt that not only reflects their values but also raises money for their cause as well. 

The shirt costs $24 to purchase. $5 of each shirt purchase will go to PCS all March long.

PCS’s primary focus is fostering stewardship of freshwater rivers, streams and Lake Erie. They collaborate with various partners, including government agencies, businesses, city leaders and the general public, to ensure the maintenance of clear, clean and safe waterways,” a spokesperson with PCS said. 

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PCS is working to make our waters “fishable,” “swimmable” and “drinkable” just like the shirt says.

The shirts are also available through Jūpmode’s Community Shirt Club program. Community Shirt Club members receive the shirt at 20% off retail value, with the same donation being given to the organization. 

Community Shirt Club members will automatically receive the new Community shirt every two months. Subscription for this service costs $19.20 a month plus shipping and handling. 

To purchase the shirt, visit jupmode.com/products/community-shirt-club?utm_source=Media%20List&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Partners%20for%20Clean%20Streams%20Community%20Shirt%20Press%20Release%20%28March%202024%29%20%2801HQNS6YPHDSWVZXD6YGYWGVWP%29&jupmodesource=Klaviyo&_kx=xGZsyjmTb8hBb1UwJxSAZfyOzto-P-0KGYzAcwJyP9tVsTPurv1Xw2mnLzFv24TF.KkmuJe.

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