Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Jūpmode Acquires PromoTreds from Principle Business Enterprises

Jūpmode, a leading local screen-printing and embroidery business, is proud to announce the acquisition of PromoTreds, the custom slipper sock business founded by local manufacturer, Principle Business Enterprises, Inc. (PBE).

This acquisition builds on a mutual passion by both companies for building businesses in Northwest Ohio and a commitment to delivering high-quality products and exceptional customer service.

Jūpmode, known for its expertise in creating custom goods through screen-printing and embroidery for local businesses, nonprofits, schools, teams and events, sees the custom sock business as a natural extension of its current offerings. “PromoTreds was a natural fit for us,” John Amato, owner of Jūpmode, said. “Incorporating these socks into our production aligns smoothly with our screen-printing expertise. We’re honored that PBE would trust us to carry on their legacy of service to their customers and we’re excited that we can keep this business in Northwest Ohio.”

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PBE refocused its efforts on its core healthcare, wound care, and incontinence products, the search began for a suitable partner to take the PromoTreds brand forward. “Finding a local partner who shares our dedication to quality and customer service was paramount,” Andy Stocking, CEO and President of PBE, said. “Jūpmode is that partner, and we are confident they will elevate the PromoTreds brand with their expertise and passion.”

This partnership highlights the collaborative spirit between two family-owned enterprises, each with a deep-rooted commitment to Northwest Ohio. Jūpmode and PBE are united in their desire to contribute to the community’s well-being; Jūpmode by expanding its range of custom grippy socks and other personalized merchandise, and PBE by expanding its provisions. Together, they commit to preserving the high-quality standards and culture of innovation that have characterized both companies throughout their histories.

For more information head to Jūpmode’s website for more details.

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