Monday, April 15, 2024

New Hudson Gallery Exhibit Inspires Observation, New Perspectives

An exciting new exhibit is coming to Hudson Gallery this April.

Millie Guldbeck, local artist and painting professor for Bowling Green State University will be debuting two dozen paintings at the exhibit entitled Trace

“Inspired by the story of a young scientist who wished to record all the colors of blue that he could see, I began to think about how our perceptions of the world around us are always flawed. No matter how sophisticated observational “tools” become, the experience we attempt to relay to others is always deficient in some respects. I aim to depict alternate realities built by human error and misunderstanding as they apply to the natural world and natural systems. They are alternate realities informed by (mis)observation; both my own and that of others; images that seek to embody the desire to shape and understand the world around them,” Guldbeck said.

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Her paintings will be displayed from April 5 to April 27.

Gulbeck, who is from Denmark, was born in 1954. She studied painting at the Jutland Fine Arts Academy, graduating in 1985. She then came to the United States to study painting and printmaking at the University of Iowa in 1995. She has studied art across Europe, receiving degrees in Anthropology, Painting and Printmaking. She was offered a postgraduate Fellowship by the University of Zagreb in Croatia, where she continued her studies.

She has taught as the Head of Painting and Drawing at Bowling Green State University since 1999.  

Hudson Gallery will kick off the exhibit with a reception on April 5, from 6 pm to 8 pm. 

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