Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Sylvia Margaret of the Midgley family

Sylvia’s a bit of a diva, but none of it is her fault. It’s those humans in her life that helped her cultivate her pampered lifestyle. She didn’t ask to be dressed up in costumes or given spa days. It just happened…and now she can’t live without it. She doesn’t mind all of the attention, however …it usually leads to scrumptious food and lots of snuggles.

While pugs are a widely popular breed, some take issue with their smushed little faces and sad expression. How do you maintain a positive image in the face of pug discrimination?

Society’s ideals of beauty don’t define me.  I’m a full figured pug, with wrinkles and rolls, and proud of it!

You are known, among family and friends, to get dolled up once in a while. Is this an activity you enjoy ?

I don’t really enjoy it; it’s actually kind of torturous. I just do it for the paparazzi… and the treats.

We hear you are an avid collector and have decorated your bedroom (read: crate) with found objects. How do you find these? What makes an item worthy of being part of your collection?

My family accuses me of stealing, but if they leave the garbage unguarded and their closet doors open… well, hey!  Chewing is one of my stress busters, so anything with a crunch is what I’m after.

It has come to our attention that Sunday is “spa day”. Tell us about your typical beauty routine.

After my professional mani/pedi, I have a bubble bath, shampoo, and conditioning.  Sometimes my human will put the tub jets on, which is somewhat confusing, but I do enjoy it.  When I get out, if I’m feeling chilled, I’ll lounge around on a heat pad.

If you could read your human’s thoughts, what would you say she is thinking?

She thinks she’s my master, but I’ll let you in on a little secret – I’ve got her wrapped around my little paw.

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